Skyler’s Family

Skyler and his daughter are excited about owning their Habitat home. After many hardships, their dream of owning a home is becoming a reality.

Home Repair: Bev’s Story

Bev is very grateful for the repairs we were able to do on her home. She was unable to complete repairs on her own. Her house finally feels like a home again!

Home Repair: Johnny & Geraldine’s Story

Johnny and Geraldine worked hard to maintain the home, some repairs were not able to be completed due to their cost. They wanted stay in their home, so they applied for our Home Repair Program.

Tara’s Family

Tara and her son had been living with her family prior to purchasing their habitat home, which is the first of eight homes in the Garfield Green Neighborhood. Tara believes that the foundation of a new home will not only her own life, but the life of her child.

Eric & Valeriah

Eric and Valeriah (Val) partnered with Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity in December of 2016. This family has never had a place to call their own, and are thrilled to have their own home.