Michael moved into his home in October of 2020. He is looking forward to his home being a lasting legacy for his children and grandchildren.

Nicole is excited for the future and the positive impact that being a new Habitat homeowner will bring to her and her daughter’s lives.

Deb moved into her home in September 2019. She is looking forward to finally having a safe place to call her own.

Home Repair: Shawna’s Story

Shawna and her mother, Joan, had reached out to multiple organizations to get help on their home, but it wasn’t until they partnered with Habitat that they were able to get the siding repairs that they needed.

Home Repair: Tom and Mary’s Story

Tom and Mary have been unable to repair their home on their own due to their disabilities. Now they are able to stay warm from the cold.

Home Repair: Angela’s Story

Angela had many needed repairs to her home’s roof, windows, siding and interior floor. Now she and her son live safely in their home.

Home Repair: Howard’s Story

Howard knew his roof needed repairs, but was unable to do it on his own. He partnered with Habitat and was able to have his roof fixed. Now he has a safe and dry place for him and his son.

Home Repair: Aimee’s Story

Aimee’s home was an unsafe environment for her and her children. Her partnership with Habitat has enabled her to have critical home repairs done, and now she can breathe easier knowing her children are staying in a safe place.

Home Repair: Haskel’s Story

Haskel partnered with Habitat and was able to have critical repairs done on his home.

Home Repair: Pauline’s Story

Pauline’s home was in disrepair. Through a partnership with Fountain Springs Church, we were able to help Pauline have a safe place to live.

Home Repair: Glenn & Joyce’s Story

Due to their health, Glenn and Joyce have been unable to repair their home. Now they have a safe roof over their heads.

Vanessa’s Family

Vanessa has overcome a number of difficulties, but has persevered through them all, and was finally able to achieve her dream of home ownership.

Martina’s Family

Martina moved into her home in October of 2018. She is excited to have a home where she can host family dinners since her family is so important to her.

Home Repair: Johnny & Geraldine's Story

Johnny and Geraldine worked hard to maintain the home, some repairs were not able to be completed due to their cost. They wanted stay in their home, so they applied for our Home Repair Program.

The Pourier Family

Eddie and Tasha have been praying for a new home that their children can grow up in. Now they are able to live in stability through their partnership with Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity.

Home Repair: Bev's Story

Bev is very grateful for the repairs we were able to do on her home. She was unable to complete repairs on her own. Her house finally feels like a home again!

The Draine Family

Chris, Kristin, and their two children lived in a small mobile home that was unsafe and affected their health prior to partnering with us. Now, their dreams of homeownership are finally coming true.

Marcus & His Son

Marcus has been renting for many years, which has led to a lack of stability in his life. Now as a future homeowner,  Marcus is on the verge of fulfilling one of his biggest dreams, and he couldn’t be more excited.

Dani & Her Family

Dani works two jobs to support her family. Dani’s pro-active approach has kept her on track to become a homeowner. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Dani and her family into their Habitat home.

Skyler & His Family

Skyler and his daughter are excited about owning their Habitat home. After many hardships, their dream of owning a home ihas become a reality.

Tara & Her Son

Tara and her son had been living with her family prior to purchasing their habitat home, which is the first of eight homes in the Garfield Green Neighborhood. Tara believes that the foundation of a new home will not only her own life, but the life of her child.

Eric & Valeriah

Eric and Valeriah (Val) partnered with Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity in December of 2016. This family has never had a place to call their own, and are thrilled to have their own home.