Need to donate stuff?

Remodeling, cleaning, downsizing or just getting organized? Whatever your project, don’t let the items you no longer need end up in the landfill. We divert tons from landfills each year, accepting hard-to-dispose-of items including new and used furniture, appliances, and surplus building materials. Pickup service is provided for large items. To arrange pickup, call 605-791-1880 (Rapid City), or 605-717-1882 (Spearfish).

Donation Guidelines:

All items must have value or demand in our retail environment. In general, building materials and major appliances must possess the following overall qualities:
Residential: Must be intended for use in or have application in residential construction, improvement, or maintenance. Nothing labeled or specifically configured for industrial, professional, or commercial use only.
Structural: Must be structurally sound to perform its intended use. Nothing broken, missing, worn out, or otherwise ‘falling apart.’
Functional: Must be able to perform its intended function.
Cosmetic: Must have an appearance acceptable to the general public. This may include alterations, certain damage, excessive dirt or other visible lack of maintenance or upkeep, being ‘outdated’ or not ‘in demand.’ Does not pertain to all items.

Please see below for full details on donation guidelines

New, unopened, and not expired. No “professional” or “industrial use only.”

In original packaging marked with either manufacture date or containing the words “no asbestos” or a written and signed statement from donor giving where and approximately when item was purchased new. Must be manufactured after 1980.

Bathtubs: Color must be white, black, or modern. Other colors will be considered upon inspection, with priority given to matching bath sets.

  • Claw Foot: Acceptable in almost any condition, within reason.
  • Fiberglass: No cracks or broken edges, little to no discoloration.
  • Steel and Cast Iron: No chips or discoloration.


  • Bases: Must be relatively clean with no cracks or other damage
  • Doors: Sliding or hinged, no broken glass. Must be up to date, relatively clean with no excessive soap scum (well-maintained), no mold
  • Enclosures: Not damaged, no excessive discoloration, relatively clean.
  • Kits: Sets/kits preferred complete
  • Panel Sets: Full sets only, not damaged, no excessive discoloration, relatively clean.

New, unopened, and not expired. Not labeled for ‘professional’ or ‘industrial used only.’

We DO NOT ACCEPT chemicals of any kind, new or used. This includes cleaning products, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, fertilizers, etc.

Exception: Limited household chemicals may be accepted from businesses only as long as the packaging is intact with consumer labels and not expired or being phased out. Must have MSDS sheet(s) and manager approval.

  • Corner Bead: Full, undamaged sticks; if rolled, partial rolls accepted.
  • Joint Compound (Mud): New, unopened, and not expired.
  • Sheets: Useable 2′ x 2′ sheet or larger, no irregular shapes. No water damage or mold.
  • Tape: Clean and dry, never damp. Partial rolls accepted.
  • Chain Link: Fabric (no rips, must have grommets), fencing, gates, posts, and rails all acceptable.
  • Posts: Full lengths (not cut at ground), straight and sound, clean with no concrete.
  • Vinyl: Full pieces or panels only, no damage.
  • Wooden: In panels, any height, little rot or deterioration, good structural condition.
  • All other types of fencing: Chicken wire, snow fencing, etc are acceptable.
  • Carpet: No stains or odors (pet or otherwise), no discolored or ‘brittle’ backing. Must be less than 10 years old. If scheduled for pick up, must be rolled and accessible.
  • Ceramic Tile: New, full pieces only; clean and ready to install. Not outdated; must be boxed or sacked and ready for transport.
  • Laminate: Minimum 3 feet long, no rot or damage.
  • Parquet: Full pieces, no rot or damage, boxed or sacked for handling.
  • Vinyl (rolled): New only, fill lengths or mostly full rolls. In original packaging marked with either manufacture date or containing the words “no asbestos” OR a written and signed statement from donor stating where and approximately when the item was purchased new. Must be manufactured after 1980.
  • Vinyl (tiles): New only, both adhesive and non-adhesive, full pieces, boxed or sacked for handling. In original packaging marked with either manufacture date or containing the words “no asbestos” OR a written and signed statement from donor stating where and approximately when the item was purchased new. Must be manufactured after 1980. Absolutely NO 9-inch tile, new or used (contains asbestos).
  • Wood: All types, useable lengths (2 foot or more), no nails, rot, or other damage. If tongue and groove, both tongue and groove must be intact.

We accept door locks and knobs, hinges, and other miscellaneous hardware.

  • Backed & Unbacked:  New only, clean and never damp. Rolled, bound, or otherwise contained for transport.
  • Blown: New only, in original packaging.
  • Sheet: New or like new, 1/2 sheet or larger, clean with no holes or damage.

In good condition with no chips, cracks, or discoloration. No mirrors without a frame or larger than one person can safely handle.

Must be sorted by type and size, boxed or sacked, no rust.

Clean and assorted, boxed or sacked, no incomplete kits (if applicable), No discoloration or fitted/glued pieces.

  • PVC/ABS Primer, Cleaner, & Cement: Sealed in original container, must expire no less than 6 months from the date of donation.

We accept bundles of shingles. Must have been stored in shelter, not stuck together. No scraps accepted.

  • Asbestos: None
  • Concrete-Based: In original packaging marked with either manufacture date or containing the words ‘no asbestos‘ OR a written and signed statement from donor stating where and approximately when the item was purchased new. Must be manufactured after 1980.
  • Vinyl: new, full, undamaged pieces or accessories only.
  • Wooden/Hardboard: 4 feet or longer, at least 2′ x 2′ sheets, full pieces for shake-type. No damage or rot.

Metal and plastic sets only (No wooden sets), complete with all parts, including instructions and photos of the assembled item. No rot or rust. Must be disassembled for transport if pick up.

None accepted.


  • Architectural, Awning, Casement, Double-hung, Fixed, Picture, Slider, Single-hung: Double-paned, wooden, vinyl, or metal construction acceptable. Must have full jamb (not just sashes), have screens (if applicable), and be fully operational. No rot, broken glass, broken seals.
  • Jalousie: None accepted.
  • Storm, Aluminum: All acceptable with screens.
  • Storm, Steel: In frames only.
  • Storm, Wooden: By manager approval only.

Window Parts:

  • Glass Inserts for Storm Windows: None accepted.
  • Glass Panes (Unframed Glass): None accepted.
  • Screen Inserts for window and storm windows: All accepted.
  • Sashes: Double-paned only accepted with manager approval. No broken glass or seals, no rot. No casement (Crank-out) sashes.

Based on industry-reported life expectancy for each appliance.

  • Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers: Portable and in good working order only.
  • Dishwashers, garbage disposals, microwaves: 5 years old or less, perfect working order (needing no repair or parts), clean and ready to be used.
  • Furnaces, central A/C’s, heat pumps, window A/C’s: See HVAC.
  • Handheld and small household appliances: None.
  • Stoves, cooktops, ovens, washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.: 10 years old or less, perfect working order (needing no repair or parts), clean and ready to be used. We do NOT accept built-in ovens.
  • Water Heaters: 10 years old or less, perfect working order (needing no repair or parts), little to no sediment build-up in the tank.
  • Water Softeners: None.
  • Soap dishes, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders, towel bars: Complete with brackets and hardware, wall mounted only, porcelain items must be new.
  • Handicap Grab Bars & Support Items: Complete and in good condition with all parts and accessories.
  • Bases and Upper Cabinets: Must have all drawers and doors, no damage. Fairly up to date.
  • Cabinet Pulls or Hinges: No excessive wear or paint, complete with no missing pieces, with nothing broken. Must be boxed.
  • Countertops-Corian, Granite, Etc.: No chips, cracks, or other damage to the structure or finished surface.
  • Countertops-Laminate: Up to date, 3 feet and longer. Simple rectangles or L-shaped only. No size or shape requirement if accompanying a matching cabinet. No chips, cracks, or other damage to the structure or finished surface.
  • Doors or Drawers (Without Cabinets): New or like new hardwood only. No plywood doors.
  • Drawer Guides: Complete sets only, no damage or rust.
  • Faces/Fronts: New or like new hardwood only.
  • MedicineAll types, fairly up to date. Must be clean, with no damage or rust, to include shelves.

Ceiling Fans

  • In working order with all parts including hanging/ceiling box bracket and remote (if applicable), reasonably up to date. Before transport, please remove fan blade/arm combinations at the motor to prevent damage to the sack or box. Include removed screws.

Light Bulbs:

  • Compact fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs: None accepted.
  • Fluorescent lightbulbs: None accepted.
  • LED lightbulbs

Light Fixtures

  • Fluorescent fixtures: shop only with plug. Ballast must be exposed at time of pickup or inspection.


  • Commercial: With manager approval, case-by-case basis.
  • Metal & Metal Clad: No large dent, rust, or disfiguration.
  • Patio: Good to excellent shape, with full frame, no broken seals on double-paned glass.
  • Screen: Complete, no rot or damage, prefer screen material to be intact, but some damage may be acceptable.
  • Shower: See bathtubs & showers.
  • Storm: Operable, must include hinge piece, screen, and window. Top and side frame pieces highly encouraged, but not required.
  • With Windows: No broken glass, no broken seals on double-paned glass
  • Wooden: No rot or splits, no holes, no disfiguration/alteration or paint.

Garage Doors: Accepted with manager approval only.

Fairly up to date, no corrosion or rust. Assorted is acceptable. Must be boxed or sacked. No incomplete kits (if applicable), no commercial.

  • Fireplaces, Stand-Alone: Good condition with all parts, well-maintained, relatively clean with good cosmetic appearance.
  • Fronts & Doors: Accepted.
  • Inserts: Good condition with all parts, well-maintained, relatively clean with good cosmetic appearance.
  • Tools: Individual or in sets, good condition
  • Wood Cradles, Grates, Etc.: Undamaged with little to no rust.
  • Couches, Loveseats, Recliners etc.: In very good to excellent condition, must be clean and free of rips or stains.
  • Hard Furniture (I.E. Metal, wooden etc.): Chairs, computer desks, coffee tables, dining tables, entertainment centers, file cabinets, hutches etc. must be in good condition with all parts and hardware.
  • Patio Furniture: Benches, chairs, swings, tables, and umbrellas are accepted. Little to no rust, well-maintained, sturdy. If plastic, not cracked or brittle. Cushions only if accompanied by matching furniture.

We accept all conditions and types of:

  • furnaces
  • air conditioners (central outdoor unit)
  • air conditioners (window)
  • ducts
  • duct fittings
  • evaporators (a-coils)
  • vents/covers

No rotten or deteriorated areas, not excessively weathered. If painted, no peeling paint and no more than one coat. Unpainted is preferred.

  • Lengths: 4 feet and longer.
  • Sheets: 2′ x 2′ usable sheet and larger. No irregular shapes.
  • Handrails: 4 feet or longer, no nails or screws, no damage, rot, or excessive peeling paint. Wrought iron must be complete.
  • Landing Posts & Spindles:  No nails or screws, in good cosmetic condition; full-lengths, not cut off at floor level.
  • Moulding & Trim: 4 feet or longer, no nails or screws, good cosmetic condition.

We only accept paint from April 1-Sept 30 for storage purposes. All paints must be at least 1/2 full.

  • Latex Paint: One and five-gallon buckets. Consumer labels intact and readable, no leaking or rusting. The lid must work. Contents never frozen and less and five years old. Nothing labeled ‘industrial use only’ or ‘professional use only’ will be accepted.
  • Spray Paint: Container must be full, the nozzle must function, agitator ball must rattle freely. Must have cap or lid.

Wall, veneer, and landscape stone are all accepted. Must be relatively clean with little debris, litter, or mortar. Stone must be able to be handled by one person. Small items like landscape rock must be in a bag or bucket, large stone delivered or easily accessible to truck if pick up.

  • Vinyl: Good condition, no damage, brittleness, or heavy fading.
  • Wooden: Interior or exterior, good shape with no damage, rot, multiple layers of paint, or excess peeling.

Clean, no chips, cracks, deep scratches, or ‘spider veins’ in any item.

  • Bathroom (Bowl): New or used porcelain, cast iron, steel, or plastic.
  • Bathroom (Wall Mounted): Must have all mounting hardware
  • Kitchen: Normal wear and tear accepted.
  • Mop: New or used. Must be relatively clean.
  • Pedestal: New or used. Must have all mounting hardware.
  • Vanity: New or used. Single or double bowl. Must be rectangular in shape unless accompanied by matching cabinet.

Hand, power, and gas-powered tools are acceptable. If gas, tank must be empty.

None. We do not accept window treatments of any kind, to include blinds, curtains, curtain rods, drapes, traverse rods, and valances.

Interested in donating to Habitat ReStore as a corporate partner?

Our corporate partnerships help make our work at Habitat possible, and we offer partnership opportunities for corporations wishing to donate overstock materials and participate in recurring donation programs. We have coordinated donations from national restaurant chains, hotels, going out of business events, and more.

Best of all, proceeds from the sale of these donated goods help families build a foundation for the future.