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084 Jessica Hunter’s

 Full  Circle Story

 A young girl strides into First Christian Church dragging her large pink Crayon piggy bank behind her. She locks eyes with  Pastor Scott, generously hands him her life  savings and says: “Please, take this.”

 Pastor Scott gratefully refuses: “Thank you,  child, but I can’t take this.”

She rejects his rebuttal and replies: “I want to help people just like people will want to help us someday.”

Paying it forward is such a strong concept even for adults to recognize, let alone young children. Good deeds do pay off, even if it takes passages of life before experiencing the real results. {Click here to read full story..}



Ten-year-old Sherling Góngora Arauz found it hard to express her feelings at the dedication of her family’s new Habitat for Humanity house in Managua, Nicaragua. She could only cry. She had written a letter to the volunteers who helped build her family’s house, though, and it was read aloud in English. The last line: “When you leave, there is an empty space in my heart.” By then, everybody on the build site was in tears. Read More…