Women Build

Women Build Quilt Contest

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our annual Women Build!

With the current climate, it is unlikely we will be able to host dozens of women on our build site. Instead, we invite you to engage in a new way by participating in our first ever Women Build Quilt Contest. First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded to both adult and junior categories.
All proceeds will go toward building our first home in Hot Springs. Quilters will also have the opportunity to donate their quilts to sell at ReStore, auction at a future event, or to be used by a family in need.

Contest Rules

  • All quilts must be mailed to or dropped off at 610 E. Omaha St. Rapid City, SD 57701 by August 1st with entry form and $25 entry fee
  • All quilters must be listed on the entry form if part of a group
  • All quilters must live in our 9 county service territory
    • Bennett, Butte, Custer, Fall River, Jackson, Lawrence, Meade, Oglala Lakota, Pennington
  • Quilters must be 18 and older for adult category, 17 and under for junior category
  • Quilts must be three bound layers
  • Quilts must be no smaller than 66″ x 89″ and no larger than 102″ by 113″
  • Quilts must represent the theme Homes”
  • Quilts will be judged by volunteers with quilting experience – judges will not be eligible to enter the contest
  • Quilts will be judged on 50% construction, 25% overall design, 25% ability to meet the theme
  • Quilts must be picked up by August 13th, 2021 at 610 E. Omaha or they will be considered a donated item
  • Contest results will be announced on August 6th, 2021 via social media

See official entry form here:


“I’m trying so hard to let God take over all these crazy fears, and just be joyful in this new adventure of homeownership. Thank you God for this, and thank you Habitat.”  – Lacey

Women Build 2020

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In 2019, Lacey found herself at a crossroads. As a single mother working two jobs, she found herself asking, what is the next big thing? In her heart the answer was to further her education, but when she looked around she recognized that first she would need a stable home. After fleeing from one apartment due to a hot water heater explosion, she found herself living with friends and sharing a room with her fourteen-year-old daughter Memphist. Knowing she would be unable to attend school, work two jobs, and cover the cost of rent, she contacted Habitat and added her name to the waitlist.

A few months later she attended an informational meeting and received her application. That night she posted on social media asking her friends and family for letters of recommendation and prayers for her endeavor. The outpouring of love, encouragement, and support for Lacey was like a tidal wave that both Lacey and the Habitat staff could have never predicted. Her application envelope was stuffed with letters describing her kind and gentle nature. Co-workers wrote about how this wouldn’t be just a victory for Lacey, but a great example for all the other single mothers in Hot Springs. The final letter described a time when Lacey had very little money and her wallet was stolen. Instead of getting upset she said, “that person must have needed it more than me, and it is in God’s hands.” After that, the Habitat staff prayed her application would be eligible. They knew that Lacey and the community behind her were worth every ounce of their efforts.

Thankfully, it wouldn’t be long before the staff got to experience firsthand the kind and gentle nature of Lacey. Every Tuesday she drove to Rapid City to take her financial classes and every Saturday she drove to Rapid City to complete her construction hours. Like most Partner Families, Lacey had no construction experience, but every weekend she faced her fears and worked on every home as if it her own. Her ability to balance two jobs, raise a daughter, and fit in the Habitat program was remarkable to all who worked with her.

It wasn’t until March of 2020 that Lacey, like the rest of the world, experienced true setbacks and frustrations. It been decided that utilizing the Governor’s Home Program would be the best way for Habitat’s small construction staff to serve Lacey while balancing the needs of our Rapid City families. With shut downs and strict policies on social distancing, the home was delayed once, twice and then a third time. Meanwhile, working in both food and health services, Lacey found herself in and out of quarantine while managing the pain of unexpected car repairs, and the death of a family friend. Despite it all, Lacey maintained an unshakable faith and persevered.

Habitat hopes to dedicate Lacey’s home this spring and prays everything goes according to plan. We look forward to what the future holds for Lacey.

“I am so, so grateful to Habitat. You will never know how grateful I truly am. This is the answer to my prayers” – Lacey