Dear Friends,

These are exciting times at Habitat for Humanity, and we invite you to join in the excitement!

As you may know, leadership spent several years studying our needs at Habitat for Humanity and are considering moving forward with a capital campaign. Through a thorough process we identified a few projects designed to keep our community strong into the decades ahead. Those projects are:

  • Boosting home production by building/refurbishing 40 homes in our area by 2027
  • Repairing 110 homes by 2027
  • Expanding our ReStores in Rapid City and Spearfish

View our factsheet.

Before moving forward, we need to hear from you. We have hired the Steier Group, a development firm to conduct the study. We will conduct a planning study starting Sept. 13. This will involve supporters participating in an interview or completing a short survey. The review will let us know which projects you deem most important, while also gauging support for a potential major fundraising effort – a capital campaign – to pay for all, or some, of the projects.

Complete the Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity survey.

Click here to read a letter from our Executive Director.

Questions and Answers

Q. What is a planning study? 
A. The study gauges support for the proposed projects and for a potential major fundraising effort called a capital campaign. The study, which lasts five weeks, also will help identify possible volunteer leaders and set a financial goal should Habitat choose to move forward with a campaign. 
Q. How will the study determine whether there is support? 
A. The study involves surveying the entire Habitat community. The Steier Group will administer the study and survey. The firm will compile your feedback and present it to our leaders who will then make an informed decision about the projects and a potential campaign. Hiring an experienced, professional development firm like the Steier Group ensures an effective and successful planning study. 
Q. Why should we conduct a planning study? 
A. Many organizations use planning studies when considering a fundraising campaign. It is a wise first step because the study provides valuable information on how everyone feels about the proposed projects and a potential campaign.  
Q. What is a capital campaign? 
A. A capital campaign is a fundraising effort for big projects and needs, such as major renovations, new buildings and eliminating debt. Capital campaigns fund specific projects and needs. They are not for regular, ongoing costs, such as salaries and utility bills.  
Q. What do you expect of the Habitat community during the planning study? 
A. Initially, we will be asking only for your feedback. Your input and participation will help us make wise decisions about the projects and a potential campaign. You will be hearing more about how you can participate in the coming weeks. 
If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time. 

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