Nicole’s New Home

Nicole signs her mortgage documents.

Nicole has the keys to her new home.

Nicole and her daughter, Hannah, receiving a quilt housewarming gift from the Black Hills Quilter’s Guild–Project warmth.

As a single parent, Nicole has experienced the difficulty of finding an affordable home. She and her daughter, Hannah, have lived in apartments for years and experienced the pain of increasing rents and lack of stability. After qualifying for the Habitat affordable home ownership program, and completing the 250 hours of sweat equity required as the down payment for her home, Nicole diligently continued to invest her labor above and beyond the expectation by working many additional hours in construction. Nicole was blessed to finally purchase her Habitat home January 23. Before she signed her mortgage, Nicole shared a few words about the impact her Habitat home would have on her family:

“It will be life changing to have a home I can call my own, and the feeling of security and stability for a single mom is priceless…the floor plan is almost identical to the home I lived in as a child, so it will feel literally like coming home!”