Give A Gift of Hope

Help build a home . . .

Your Gift of Hope can help build an affordable home in partnership with a family in need, offering them greater stability and instilling dignity

…and a brighter future

Picture1$25, nails

They don’t look like much, but without them, a home will fall apart. The average Habitat home uses 40,000 nails, each hammered lovingly.

Picture1$125, kitchen sink

A house is not a home without throwing in the kitchen sink. It’s the critical tool for making meals, washing dishes and enjoying a cool drink of water.

Picture1$1,000, porch

Protection from the weather, lower energy bills … all good reasons for a porch. But the best part is enjoy- ing your new neighborhood.

Picture1$35, hammer

When a hammer meets the head of a nail, anything can happen. In the hands of a Habitat volunteer, it can provide shelter and change lives.

Picture1$150, front door

Nothing says “you’re home” like the front door. For Habitat homeowners, that door — and a set of house keys — signifies a goal met and a new beginning.

Picture1$2,000, flooring

“As solid as the ground under your feet” takes on new meaning in a home. Col- lapsing or unstable flooring is a common condition in substandard housing.

Picture1$50, mailbox

Whether it’s the power bill, a card from a friend or a favorite magazine, this portal to the world signifies responsibility and ownership.

Picture1$250, insulation

High energy bills can add to the finan- cial stress of a family in need. Habitat for Humanity’s energy-efficient con- struction ensures a family’s comfort.

Picture1$5,000, roof

Keeping bad weather out means that good times stay in. With a roof over- head, families are protected.

Picture1$75, window

A window is the best place to view the world, whether you’re gazing into your own backyard or waving to a new neighbor.

Picture1$400, lumber

Habitat for Humanity’s 2X6 construction keeps families out of the cold and pro- tected from the South Dakota winds.

Picture1$10,000, bathroom

For some families, tapping into some- thing better may only require the turn of a knob. Simple, reliable plumbing can deliver clean, safe water to a family.

Picture1$100, toilet

Perhaps the most practical of all gifts, a toilet is a key component in Habitat’s mission to build decent, affordable homes in the Black Hills.

Picture1$500, drywall

If these walls could talk, they would say, “Hope lives here.” Drywall is es- sential to safety and aesthetics, cover- ing wiring, plumbing and insulation.

Picture1$25,000, kitchen

It’s where meals — and memories — are made. The kitchen and living room are truly the heart of the home.

Your donation helps those in need.

Note: Gifts are representative of what can be purchased with your donated funds.

Thank you!

Please contact our office if you have questions regarding your donation (605) 348-9196.