Director’s Letter

From the desk of R. Scott Engmann
Executive Director

Welcome to Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity.

Home, Hope & Education

Seeing a person get qualified for affordable home ownership with Habitat is always fulfilling, but imagining where they will go or what they will do with the opportunity is truly exciting!

Team Black Hills Habitat, working in partnership with dozens of volunteers and supporting agencies, celebrated Noel and Jennifer Brown completing their 500 hours of “sweat equity” and becoming home owners.  They moved into their Habitat home and have graciously attended Habitat events, lauding the benefits and the peace of mind of knowing that their affordable home enables them to do things they couldn’t have afforded before, such as furthering their education.

One day Noel stopped in the office to share exciting news.  Since achieving homeownership, he had also successfully completed his Bachelor’s degree at Black Hills State University in accounting.  He allowed us the privilege to celebrate with him by joining in the graduation ceremony.

Noel’s graduation reminds me of the anticipation I should carry every day as we serve more people with housing solutions that are costly, but effective! Since housing is the biggest expenditure in household budgets, affordable housing can provide families with financial security, leading to improvements in housing quality and residential stability; these improvements lead to better school outcomes.

I applaud Noel in his graduation, but I also applaud the hundreds each year who join in building and serving. Without you, Noel would not be a homeowner.

Scott Engmann,

Executive Director