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We are your local Black Hills Habitat for Humanity!


Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent, affordable homes with families from our community to help them build a more stable environment where their family can grow and prosper.

In order to qualify, interested applicants must meet the following basic eligibility requirements.


  • Is your household gross income less than $46,000 per year? (Gross is income amount before taxes)
  • Do you have stable income that will allow you to pay the monthly mortgage payment?
    • Payments are based on 25% of your gross income.


  •  Do your current living conditions include at least one of the following?
    • Unsafe, unsanitary conditions (moldy, leaking roof, damp, poor insulation)
    • Overcrowded (too many people for the number of bedrooms)
    • You have no permanent housing, or you share with other families

Willingness to Partner:

  • Are you willing to help build your home?
    • Each adult family member is required to complete 250 hours of volunteer “sweat equity” time in order to complete the program. Sweat equity hours are completed through home construction, classroom instruction, assisting with events, and other opportunities as available.

Conventional Lending:

  • Have you been denied for a conventional home loan through a bank or lending institution?

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If you meet the above guidelines, please attend the next Informational Meeting to learn more about our program and obtain an application, or contact our office at (605) 348-9196. All information is confidential and used only for family selection. The application determination process takes up to three months.

Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity provides equal housing opportunities for all, and ensures fair and equal access to its programs and services regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, familial status, disability, marital status, ancestry, sexual orientation, source of income, or other characteristics protected by law.

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