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Battambang, Cambodia

November 11 – 18, 2017

Join over 200 volunteers for

Habitat for Humanity’s

2017 Cambodia Big Build.

Assist 15 families living in informal urban settlements

as they build homes on secure land in Battambang Province.

Program Cost and Fundraising

Base Program Cost $2,230

Base program cost covers all in-country expenses including lodging, meals, ground transportation and travel medical insurance for the official dates of the Big Build along with a donation to Habitat Cambodia.

Trip costs do not include airfare in and out of the country, activities beyond what is outlined in the trip details, visa and exit fees, any associated vaccines or trip cancellation insurance.

Thrivent Contribution - $ 335

Thrivent is generously supporting all U.S. volunteers through a contribution of $335.00 per volunteer to reduce the base program cost.

Total volunteer cost $1,895

The total volunteer cost will be $1,895.00. The total cost of the trip will need to be paid to Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity no later than August 25, 2017.

A down payment in the amount of $500 is required at the time of registration to reserve a spot on the team.

Registration is available through August 15, 2017.

All cancellations prior to September 10, 2017  will be assessed a $50 fee. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after September 10th. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to gro.t1503447728atiba1503447728hslli1503447728hkcal1503447728b@idi1503447728eh1503447728. All refunds, less $50 will be processed and returned via mail to the address on your registration. Refunds will be sent within 30 days of the cancellation.

Help build Strength and Self-reliance through Shelter.

Are you a Thrivent Benefit member? Get a $500 Benefit

Thrivent helps its members support causes they care about, bringing to life the Thrivent mission to help families achieve financial security and be generous with their time, talents and treasures.

Thrivent benefit members are eligible for an additional $500 contribution towards the program cost.

Thrivent benefit members are those 16 and older who have applied for and been accepted into membership, and own qualifying Thrivent Financial products.

To receive the Thrivent benefit member trip price for the 2017 Cambodia Big Build, a trip participant must be a benefit member a minimum of 60 days before the trip start date. Trip participants must verify they are a benefit member and send confirmation to their team leader.

To verify membership:

  1. Click this Link.
  2. Complete the required fields and hit “Submit”.
  3. Enter your team leader’s email address in the field provided. (Only Thrivent benefit members will receive the email option.)
  4. Hit “Submit”.

Note: When completing the online form, Thrivent benefit members will receive a screen indicating they are eligible for a discounted trip price on a Thrivent Builds Worldwide trip. Any Thrivent benefit member who participates as a U.S. volunteer to the 2017 Cambodia Big Build is eligible for additional support.

Limited Scholarships Available

$1,200 of the total volunteer cost is a donation to Habitat Cambodia that helps to further Habitat’s homebuilding work by supporting program coordination and local construction. If a team participant needs assistance with this portion of the volunteer cost, support funds up to $500 may be available through Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity.

To apply for assistance funds click here. Scholarship applications are due to the affiliate office by June 14th.